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Yes indeed folks, may 2008 begun our journey through music business, 3 guys with no intentions in life formed band named Lo-Fi, and this band shall be the worst shit ever, no ones knows how to play their instrument, but it doesn´t matter, we play anyway. Rogerio (bass and vocals) Thiago (Guitar and vocals) and Marcelo (drums) 

"The band was formed and in the first 2 months we made 14 songs and got in the studio without any concern an experience at all, at the end, an album called “We murder and rape” , but it was release only after a year in april 2009 caused by a miscalculation in our budget. We love this album, very cool to party with, and have fun with your friends. "


As time goes by, the Lo-Fi boys start to learn the real things in hardcore punk, their sound got more aggressive and delightful and it turns to be the band´s role model. The influences are beer, junkie wasted top models, bad skate and surf from de farm, besides de bands that make my life miserable in general. 


So on, in july 2010 we release an EP called “Surf is over, god is dead” showing to the world our best song to date. This EP it´s very lovely, 4 song to drive every gramda crazy in the head. At this point of life, the guys from Lo-Fi was living the life to the fullest, more insane than ever, and everyone was wasted as fuck, no girls, too much booze, no values. 

It´s good to tell you that at the end os 2010 the band had some good thinking, as making facebook pages, spreading the cds in any distro and the drummer got himself some classes, very nice. Thiago is still married planning his life, very good, Marcelo making mass destruction of brain cells and Rogerio, still a burden to society. 


The relationship with the band Orgasmo de Porco got tight and the thrash metal got into our veins so hard that there´s no coming back again. And it was a happy moment or us, turn out that we release a split with them, “Cream cheese” (April 2011)


An then we hit the year of 2012, January at El Rocha Estudios was recorded our second album “Fast rocking slow humping” a 12 track piece with one main goal, destroy the image that art became these days, everyone is an artist these days, what a fuck. This album will be release by Laja Records and Peculio Discos, a huge blast. 


We've been in television for a couple of minutes, we show to the world what is to be drunk on a stage an having people bleeding on the roof during the concert. May 15th we entered in El Rocha estudios for one more recording session, this time for the 7 inch album “Long Hair Cold Drinks” What we think is our best work, containing a lots of guitar tracks, wah wah, treble booster and analog echo simulator. We love it.


This year we release our 7" EP “Long Hair Cold Drinks”, beautiful! But also recorded with Fabio Mozine Ph.D (Laja Records) a new album called “Love Songs Vol.1”, mixed by Chuck Hipolitho (Vespas Mandarinas, MTV) supported by our fans via crowdfunding. Also, we did our first US Tour with our friends from Water Rats, playing arround the West Coast in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Tacoma, San Francisco, San Diego, and many others - great trip!

LOVE SONGS VOL. 1 (2014)

Laja Records, Dente Pôdi Records

1. Camila (01:10)
2. Me leva pra sua casa (00:46)
3. Ingrata / Ela é meu protetor de tela (01:25)
4. Wait for me Jennifer (01:01)
5. Sweet like cotton candy (00:48)
6. Suspirando baixinho ela vai se deitando (01:18)
7. Brenda (01:06)
8. Ele tem uma moto, se chama Carlos e roubou minha namorada (01:17)
9. Amar é melhor do que viver (01:04)
10. Meu futuro depende de você (01:26)
11. Implorar é amar (00:45)
12. Lucy my darling (01:10)
13. Eu escrevo uma carta de amor e ela não lê (01:13)


Laja Records

1. Cowboy Band (01:08)
2. She's a Stripper (01:24)
3. The Separation of Music and Sports (01:56)
4. Naughty (00:43)
5. No Right (01:06)
6. To The One I've Shouldn't Love So Much (00:58)
7. Who Needs A Teacher? (00:36)
8. Ultra Cosmic Blues (01:59)

Total: (9:53)


Laja Records, Peculio Discos, Famintus Records, No School Records

1. Having sex with older women (2:06)
2. Order pizza (0:37)
3. Free Beer (1:15)
4. S.S.I.N.S (1:09)
5. Spring break makes me drink more scotch than usual (1:46)
6. Surf invaders (1:06)
7. Ride the barrels and grab the bitches (0:53)
8. Angel's garden (0:22)
9. Support your local kid (1:41)
10. Where am I? (1:05)
11. I just can (1:02)
12. Failure by society (1:44)

Total: (14:46)

No School Records

1. OxDxPx - Unleash Hell, Boys (1:07)
2. OxDxPx - I Can't Reach the Freezer (1:31)
3. OxDxPx - Nuclear Caustic Liquid (1:26)
4. Lo-Fi - Paddling to Downhill Surfing (1:56)
5. Lo-Fi - I Got a Girl (1:15)
6. Lo-Fi - Reason to Live (0:44)

Total: (7:59)

No School Records

1. Surf is Over, God is Dead (2:12)
2. Junkie Wasted Top Models (1:32)
3. Don't Touch My Whore (0:54)
4. Sticking With the Porn (2:30)

Total: (7:08)


No School Records

1. Low Fidelity (2:07)
2. Drug Dealer (0:42)
3. Just a Kid Growing Up (1:08)
4. Daddy Doesnt Know What Vintage Is (2:06)
5. Free The Kid (1:18)
6. She Dances, She's Evil (1:07)
7. Headbangers In My Wedding (1:38)
8. Die Young Blues (1:04)
9. Anti-capitalist (2:23)
10. The Start (1:43)
11. Little Girl Lost (2:02)
12. One Take (1:01)
13. The Revolution Was Done (3:55)
14. And Let Us Be Free (2:42)

Total: (24:56)

Gravação Lo-Fi 2013 no Estúdio El Rocha Lo-Fi Punkrock live at MTV - A festa Lo-Fi Punkrock - Surf Invaders / Paddling to Downhill Surfing MCRAD & LO FI LO-FI - Surf is Over, God is Dead Lo-Fi - Low Fidelity (Clip) Lo-Fi - Spring Break Makes Me Drink Scotch More Than Usual (Music Video)
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